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Hail The King - Instrumental@tippie @Fightclvb & @thamindofmilla
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LaRonn Katchia is a Warm Springs/Wasco/Paiute filmmaker and storyteller from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Oregon. His passion, dedication, and love for film derive from his Indigenous teachings and lived experience as a tribal member. His films contain a unique, impactful and powerful approach to narrative and documentary storytelling.


“My mission is to change the Indigenous stereotypes of film and to represent us through an authentic lens. The Indigenous perspective is what's missing in Hollywood today and needs to be brought to light. There are too many untouched original stories waiting to be filmed, and that being filmed by an Indigenous director.”

LaRonn is currently based in Portland, Oregon and hopes to continue to amplify the stories and honor the voices of Warm Springs & Indigenous people.


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